BioQ Disinfectant / Hand Sanitizer 50ml
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BioQ Disinfectant/ Hand Sanitizer 50ml

我们采用专利技术制造的主要成分(HOCl)可以穿透病原体的细胞膜并破坏细胞核, 使RNA和DNA立即失去活性。 它还具有消除所有异味的能力。

Our main ingredient (HOCl) which is manufactured with patented technology can penetrate the cell membranes of pathogens and destroy cell nucleus, making RNA and DNA immediately lose their activeness. It also has the power to neutralise any odour.

  • 杀灭99%的细菌及病毒 Kill 99% of pathogens such as germs, viruses & bacteria
  • 在30秒内消毒 Disinfect within 30 seconds
  • 无毒性,对儿童安全 Non-toxic & safe for children
  • 无酒精成分 Alcohol free
  • PH值中性,完全有机且可食用 PH neutral, fully organic and edible
  • 适合所有年龄段,包括婴儿,孕妇 Suitable for all ages including baby, pregnant woman 

Just ONE spray can kill 99% of germs, viruses & bacteria

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