Blackcurrant Detox Drink 黑加仑排毒饮
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Product SKU Blackcurrant Detox Drink 黑加仑排毒饮
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Why choose Blackcurrant Detox?

Because Blackcurrant Detox can help us

a)Body detox

b)Maintain a healthy gut

c)Promote normal digestive functiond

d)Improve insulin sensitivity

e)Lower cholesterol, purify the blood

f)Relieve constipation, hemorrhoids prevention

g)Colon cleansing

h)Reduce fat synthesis

i)Improve skin and beauty

j)Delay aging

k)Prevent swelling or bloating

The main component of:-

1)Blackcurrant powder


3)Apple Fiber

4)Oat fiber


6)Soy protein


8)Guar gum

Black currant is very rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. Toxins known to fewer people more healthy, more longevity, less likely to have cancer incidence, but also less likely to aging. Detox also beautify the skin, an effective method of physical fitness. When excessive accumulation of toxins from the body, if cholesterol is too high, there is no time out of the body, easily deposited in the vessel wall, the blood vessels to narrow, resulting in hypertension and atherosclerosis and other diseases. Stool is the root of human intestinal toxins, toxins are reabsorbed will re-invade the body, reducing the body's immune system, and even long-term constipation often president of acne, dull skin, dry dull, greasy and serious. For today's fast-paced life, no regular diet, Blackcurrant Detox is one of your best choice. Instructions: Pour 1 cup of the packet 200ml of cold water, stir and drink immediately.

为什么要选择Blackcurrant Detox? 因为Blackcurrant Detox可以帮助我们 身体排毒 保持健康的肠道 促进正常消化功能 改善胰岛素敏感性 降低胆固醇,净化血液 缓解便秘,预防痔疮 结肠清洗 减少脂肪的合成 改善皮肤,美容养颜 延缓人体衰老 防止水肿或腹胀 主要成分~ 黑加仑粉 低聚果糖 苹果纤维 燕麦纤维 果糖 大豆蛋白 菠菜 瓜尔豆胶 **众所周知体内的毒素越少,人就越健康,越长寿,越不容易有癌症的发生,也越不容易老化。排毒也是养颜美容、健体强身的有效方法。 **当体内毒素累积过多时,若胆固醇过高,没有及时排除体外,容易沉积在血管壁上,使血管变窄,导致高血压和动脉硬化等疾病。 **宿便是人体肠道毒素根源,被重吸收的毒素会重新侵入身体,降低人体免疫力,甚至长期便秘的人经常会长痘痘,肤色暗淡、干涩无光、油腻严重等。 针对现今生活节奏快,没有规律的饮食, Blackcurrant Detox 是您最佳首选之一。 指示 : 1小包倒入一杯200ml冷水,搅拌均匀,立即饮用。 #Blackcurrant #Detox #Slimming #黑加仑 #健康 #

What's in the box

15 sachetsx 15g