Harriston Chocolate
Harriston Chocolate
Harriston Chocolate

Harriston Chocolate was inspired and started in 2005 by the chocolateloving entrepreneur Mr SC Teng who saw an opportunity in themarket for a uniquely Malaysian chocolate company.
Working as a tour operator at the time, he realised that nearly allthe chocolate sold in Malaysia was imported and designed for Western tastes with typical Western flavours. He began to think about all the uniquely Malaysian flavours and imagined how they would taste mixed with chocolate. He was convinced there would be demand not only from Malaysians butalso from tourists who wanted something uniquely Malaysian to
take home with them. His vision was a home-grown brand that Malaysians could connect with and be proud of so he began to work on recipes to infuse uniquely Malaysian flavours into chocolate.

哈林顿巧克力 创立于2005年。创办人唐志忠先生自幼爱上巧克力,相信巧克力拥有予人愉悦的魅力。
上世纪70年代,时为旅游业经营者的唐志忠先生,观察到游客喜欢购买纪念品,特别是巧克力,也发现当时几乎所有在马来西亚出售的巧克力都是典型的进口西方巧克力口味, 便开始专研配方,将巧克力的香浓和马来西亚特色风味及在地文化结合,冀望创造一个马来西亚人引以为傲,享誉全球的巧克力品牌。

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