Japan ST Corporation Dashutan Charcoal Paper Deodorizer
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Japan ST Corporation Dashutan Charcoal Paper Deodorizer 40m

Product Unique Selling Point

The unique concept paper deodorizer made of Bincho charcoal and Activated charcoal.

- Charcoal tissue paper absorbs odors.

- Free to use, you can roll, cover etc.

- Easily cut your available length along cutoff line.

- Disposal paper


Product Usage (If can provide steps involved ie. step 1, step 2 etc)

1. Take the deodorizing paper out of the pack in the box, and put the paper back into the box.

2. Push out the OPEN portion of the slot on the top surface from inside, and open along the perforation.

3. Pull up the outer end of the deodorizing paper, and pass it through the slot from inside.

4. Close the lid of the box tightly, and pull out the deodorizing paper for use.


- Do not throw into a toilet or drain because this product does not easily dissolve.

- Rubbing may cause the charcoal to adhere. In case of adhering, shake off or wash with water where possible.

- Do not use for wet shoes. It may cause the paper to tear and stick to shoes, or cause charcoal to adhere.




- 木炭薄纸吸收异味。

- 循环使用,可以滚动,覆盖等。

- 沿着切割线轻松切割您的可用长度。

- 处理纸



1. 从包装盒的包装中取出除臭纸,然后将其放回包装盒中。

2. 从内部推出顶部表面上插槽的 “开口” 部分,然后沿穿孔打开。

3. 拉起除臭纸的外端,然后使其从内部穿过插槽。

4. 盖紧盒盖,然后拉出除臭纸以备使用。


- 由于本产品不易溶解,请勿扔进马桶或下水道。

- 摩擦可能会导致木炭粘附。如果粘附,请尽可能甩开或用水冲洗。

- 请勿用于湿鞋。否则可能导致纸张撕裂并粘在鞋子上,或导致木炭粘附。