Radiant Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
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Radiant Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Radiant Extra Virgin Oil is extracted by cold-pressing the olive fruit which is estate-grown in the cool climate of the Frankland River region in Western Australia.

It is freshly squeezed from quality olives picked straight off the tree. EVOO is processed as soon as possible without the use of any chemicals, or heat. This maximised the oils healthy benefits, flavour and freshness. 


Radiants EVOO is renowned for its unique low level of saturated palmitic acid and high level of mono-unsaturated oleic acid which is highly regarded for its health benefits. It also contains natural antioxidants.

An ideal oil for Asian stir-fry, light cooking, salads and marinate.


  • Non-GMO
  • No cholesterol 
  • No preservatives


Net Weight: 500ml

Product of Australia



Radiant Extra Virgin Oil 是通过对橄榄果进行冷榨而提取的,该橄榄果生长在西澳大利亚州Frankland River 地区的凉爽气候中。

它是直接从树上摘下的优质橄榄中所榨取的。 EVOO在不使用任何化学物质或热量的情况下进行处理。 这最大限度地提高了橄榄油的健康益处,风味和新鲜度。

EVOO以其独特的低含量饱和棕榈酸和高含量的单不饱和油酸而闻名,这对健康有益。 它还包含天然抗氧化剂。


  • 非转基因
  • 不含胆固醇
  • 不含防腐剂